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Remembering Jason Burgeson
and Amy Shute

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We are all travelers
Along a path,
How we choose to react to events along the way,
Is ultimately up to us,
And will determine the final outcome.
There is nothing more to be said, only done.
So step forth....and
~Dance like nobody's watching~.
~Amy L. Shute

(last poem Amy wrote,
courtesy of Amy's father, Gary Shute)


Date of birth: January 6, 1979 ~ Age at death: 21 years old ~ Home state: Rhode Island

Occupation: She, too, was a student who was taking some time off to earn money.

Other: I do not know much about Amy, but I do know this much: Jason cared about her a great deal, so she had to have been an extremely special person. I know she liked to write and dance, and she liked to spend time with friends. Amy was so kind to me that night at the club, the first and last time she and I ever met. I remember she gave me a hug and said she'd like to hang out again sometime. Her and Jason definitely shared the same passion for life, which is probably why they got along so well.

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