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Remembering Jason Burgeson and Amy Shute



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"It's been too many nights of being with to now be suddenly without" - Jewel

Welcome to the poems and essays page. The following pieces were written by family, friends, and even some strangers who were simply inspired by Jason and Amy's story. Be prepared to shed a tear. If you have something you would like to share, send it to me at Enjoy!


(newest poem/essay listed first)

Justice isn't a word in RI, Kenneth Campbell (friend of Jason), June 2002

A pair of floating souls . . ., Cassie, June 2002

Rose Poem, Gary Shute (Amy's Father), April 2001

A Poem for an Unknown Friend, Ruth, March 2001

If tears could build a stairway . . ., Kellie Surdis (Jason's Sister), January 2001

My Forever Friend, Robyn Lussier (friend of Jason), September 2000

Poems by Katelyn Demers (friend of Jason), September 2000

Poems by Kris Hesse (friend of Jason), September 2000

Beautiful, mysterious, and greatly missed, Jason (friend of Amy), September 2000



Last Updated on July 1, 2002