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Remembering Jason Burgeson and Amy Shute



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My name is Robyn, and I am a graduate from BU. I now work in marketing at a small company in the DC area.

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Jason Burgeson was a dear friend of mine, and although I had just met Amy that night, I found her to be a great person, and I looked forward to seeing her again. After everything happened, I was completely crushed and wanted to find a way to help. I first created this webpage as a call to action for the letter campaign. Now I am remodeling the site into a memorial page for Jason and Amy.

Since July 2000, many people have sent me emails and signed my guestpad telling me just how special Jason and Amy were to them, and this is why I feel the need to share their story with anyone who comes across this site. Jason and Amy were loved by so many people, and we cannot let their story be forgotten.

Special thanks to the Burgeson family, Gary Shute, Roger (my lil' bro), Kris Hesse, Jen Laurence, the rest of my family and friends, and everyone else who supported me in the development of this page. My prayers go out to the Burgesons, the Shutes, everyone who ever knew Jason or Amy, and anyone else who has lost a loved one to violence.




Last Updated on July 11, 2002