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Remembering Jason Burgeson
and Amy Shute

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"If tears could build a stairway . . ." -- from Kellie B. Surdis, Jason's sister

I am Jason's only sibling. I miss him so terribly. I found a card that I wrote Jason on his birthday last year; I wrote "Jay, next year you will be 21 and we are going to party, I can't wait." Now as his birthday is approaching I think of how we will never get to have the first legal drink together, and my heart aches to see him again. We were supposed to get old together, we were supposed get married and have kids and spend holidays together. We have been robbed of our future together. Now my children (if I have any) will only get to know their amazing Uncle Jason through pictures and our stories. For those of us who knew and love Jay, we know there are no words to truly do justice in describing his wonderful, carefree spirit and good hearted soul. If tears could build a stairway, and memories build a lane, I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. Jason I miss you and love you so much. Thank you for teaching your big sister so much about life in the short time you were with us.

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