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Remembering Jason Burgeson
and Amy Shute

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Poems written by Katelyn Demers for Jason

(This poem also was submitted as an entry
for Traci Nelson's book, Waking to Tears)

We cannot see you
We cannot touch you
But we know you are there
Of course you are smiling,
Dancing on clouds, wishing on stars
Watching us think of you and remember you
There are no tears where you are
There are no enemies
Only the best of friends, like those you left behind
Take them skiing, write them poems
Dance with them, make music for them
Make them as happy as you made us
We miss you
We miss your laughter, your energy, your dreams
But they will never be far from our thoughts
Remember that we will always remember you
For who you were
Who you are
Who you will always be

We love you, Jay
and we will miss you always
May the stars that shine ever so bright look over you
As you look over us


Like a robot we go through the motions of a "normal day"
But it is not just another day . . .
TV cameras and reporters won't go away
Images are stuck in our minds
We can not close our eyes without seeing his face
The face of the boy who was loved by so many people
Sadly, the smiling face has been replaced with teary eyes
So scared, so cold, in so much pain
I miss him, we miss him
I keep expecting him to answer the door, pick up the phone
I keep looking for his screenname to sign online and say "Heya!"
Lets go dancing, raver girl
Techno, spinning, techno
Stay with us, I have so much to say
Please do not go
You are leaving behind too much
We are waiting for you
A son, a brother, a best friend


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